This beautiful Australian garden Dahlia picture was sent to me today by a family member.

With spring around the corner in Europe and many of us in some form of lockdown and almost being forced to consume long days of the same black news, we prefer to stay positive and bring some color. Of course we ‘chapeau’ the medical profession being under high pressure circumstances trying to save lives around the globe.

To this end we’re going to substantially soften our advertising rates because we don’t know how the real estate economy will react to this Tsunami of events.


For Sellers we offer a top level facility at a very competitive price. The Moulin Ad is fully featured, not with the usual price driven limitations found on many other platforms. If you have a house to sell in one of our active regions, do give it a try at this very low price.

If someone wishes to feature a property in an area where we are not strong we will attempt to make it stong. Our visitors include many expats looking in different countries due to the international nature of our niche Portal.

Ends May 1st, 2020

ONE YEAR at €48.00 VAT included

  • Regular price
    €10.00 p/m – 6 months minimum @ €60.00.
    €7.50 p/m – 12 months €90 .00(25% discount)
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  • Secure Payment via Multisafepay: All forms of payment
  • Every week: Chance to have a featured listing in our Newsletter and Social media
  • For reasons of privacy NO Locations are ever shown in our property listings unless the advertiser chooses to do so in the description section.
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Your property is this newsletter?

Since the beginning of the year and with every publication we choose a number of properties worth featuring. It doesn’t matter who manages the property and it will always incude a privately advertised property that deserves this extra spot. We’ve also started, with some hesitation, a Facebook page to see if there is FB potential from featuring higher-end properties.


For buyers and particularly in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal or South Africa, our associated agents will take your criteria very serious and find you a property that really meets those criteria. Buyers that go it alone often do not get the best deal, because the larger portals are often a mix of double and triple listings without confirmation. I.e. ‘what you see may not be what you get’.
Our search service goes a long way and ensures that you get the local assistance you require. The property that is best for you may not be listed anywhere. Be assured that your privacy is protected down the chain of integrity.
Our page Search Intruction is a no-brainer. For a serious buyer the benefit will be tremendous whilst the expense is minimal. The Fee therefore is refundable upon success which makes this a deal for comfort.

The way this works

You fill the criteria securely and submit the form.
We will allocate a regional specialist agent who will take care of you in every aspect of the purchasing process.
Commissioning in this manner actually generates a very friendly and committed relationship because in most southern countries the competition is fierce and is likely to get even fiercer if the market does not revive quickly during the next 6 months.
Whatever the situation; the second home and moving abroad market is likely to be slow for quite some time.

We understand from one of our agents In Spain that the Province of Alicante is one of the lesser affected area’s. We love that region which has so much to offer for fans of different sports, culture and entertainment.

Finally here is an interesting french property that we’d like to feature today:

This more rural property is located in the Midi-Pyrenees, TARN-ET-GARONNE, which is a pretty clean area of France. Price has recently been lowered by €32.000. Asking €397,500.
ID 151476


  • Dear Edward
    It was interesting to read this email. We recently listed our property Casa Marzana, located in Polinago, in the Province of Modena in the region of Emilia Romagna in Italy. You mention a Regional Specialist Agent. Do you have one for this region?

    Also how do you select the property to advertise specially. Since listing with you company we have not had a single enquiry and wonder what you are doing to bring your company higher in the Google listings?

    We understand that these are difficult times and don’t believe in miracles, but thought we might have had a least a ‘nibble’.
    Best wishes
    Winnifred Cozijn

    • Dear Winnifred,

      Thank you for the response.
      Each time we select a property to promote it is based on what we see coming in during a recent period. It should appeal to our visitors and subscribers. This is a new activity that we only just started this year. Of course the black swan events we face today, especially Italy, Spain and France make it more challenging. The region, Emilia-Romagna where your property resides is small for us and we have just upgraded the pages to include 4 languages including German and italian. benefits from a large number of returning visitors, so we are less dependent on Google although depedning on the choice of search term we cannot complain with the statistics. Hopefully these comments will help a little too :)? We have upgraded our recent listers to a full year and although your property was listed a little earlier this year we have also extended your listing to a full year.
      I noticed that some relevant property details were missing or not completed to reach full potential. I have added a few critical features which then become part of many more search options on our website and on Google. I suggest you login to your profile yourself and check all details. Including playing with the title (not too long, just relevant) a bit in order maximise impact on what is actually on offer which in this case is a lovely plot to erect a new large family house in a good location. In decsription I suggest a simple listing of main attractions rather than just inline text. Hope this helps. Ed

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