A few outstanding property business opportunities

August 17, 2020By Edward Maas

Are you interested in making good income from your property?

With Covid still hurting regular business and holiday traffic, the interest via our niche Portal in quieter location properties has been very strong the past few months. Much stronger in fact than the expectations coming out of our tiny property survey back in April.

I was on holiday near Honfleur and Deauville, Calvados, Normandy, this year with some good friends and we basically experienced some serious tourism and good entertainment spending as tables for the many Michelin Guide restaurants in the area had to be reserved well in advance. The weather was of course great and mandatory wearing masks in busy streets and shops wasn't really a problem. The atmosphere was very friendly, distance kept where possible and with respect.

We also made a trip to one of our listings in the largest and most western département Manche (50) of Normandy. It is the first in this month's property listings below and represents a unique opportunity to not just run a 4* B&B if so desired, but tap into the massive tourism flow from families of American, Canadian and English WWII veterans. Normandy enjoys some 4.5 million visitors each year of which a majority visits the landing beaches along the most western coasts of calvados and Manche. About 600,000 to 700,000 Americans alone fly into Paris each year for a guided tour to the 6 June 1944 'Operation Overlord' landing spots codenamed Utah, Omaha, Sword, Gold and Juno.

Remember St Mer Eglise, where trooper John Steele hung from his parachute caught by the Church tower and pretending to be dead for several hours before being captured by the occupiers. This little village with a population of just 3,000 welcomes 200,000 visitors each year who come to relive history at the local war museum and take photographs of the chute as in the picture above.

2019 was the 75th anniversary celebration of DDay and on this year 75 years ago on 15 August 1945 the Japanese surrendered in Southeast Asia following the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki a week earlier. This was the date that the Dutch could finaly put the end of a horrible 1940-1945 memory into the history books. In Indonesia where many of my countrymen and woman, including parents of a very good schoolfriend were captured, abused and worse.

Remembrance is still important and our children and grandchildren should be made aware what freedom really means.

But that was then and this is now.....

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Manche, Normandie, Country Estate


Besides or instead of running a high quality B&B from this 18th Village Manor near St Mer Eglise, an intuitive plan to attract as many visitors as you can handle will skyrocket trading income. Something that doesn't exist in Normandy, that relates to its history, and will be greatly appreciated. Ideal also for a slightly younger American, Canadian, British, Duch or Belgian family seeking to operate some hospitality and be frequented by many of their countrymen with as many different stories.

We can imagine income to easily exceed €250,000 annualy and year after year, making this real estate proposition pretty much a no brainer. From the viewpoint of real opportunity, these don't come along too often. It is like buying Gold with a $1,000 discount. Just contact us for more information.

Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes Old Watermill with Hospitality and Camping

Due to retirement, this property has absolutely massive potential for someone giving hospitality some serious attention. Ideal as a family controlled business. Great opportunity for German, French, Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs. The price reflects that the owner likes to sell quickly. Just send the online request form and we will be in touch. Maybe not the greatest luxury feel but again a no brainer for anyone that also sees the potential.

Charente, Poitou-Charentes Very high quality Chateau renovation


In absolute calm.

Dordogne, Aquitaine, France A Gem 18thC Château for sale


We just visited this property. it operates as a 5* B&B about 8 months of the year and is also perfect size for running a larger onsite product or service business from the outbuldings or annexes, just as a hospitality endevour or a permanent family residence. All high quality finish and gives that Wow! effect. This property is value for money it its own right in this rolling hills french countryside setting.

Costa Blanca, Spain Newly Built High End Villa near Xàbia

€850,000 (including VAT)

Costa Blanca is also one of the regions that was hit badly by the countrywide spanish Covid-19 lockdown. We notice fairly strong demand in the local spanish market from major city inhabitants seeking a second home away from the noise. This development of which there are 3 avaialble within 2 or 3 months are close to the most entertaining locations of Xàbia and Denia with their marina's and truly top level restaurants. Many people with local knowledge give this area preference over the other Costa's.

The properties offered by this developer are of outstanding quality and you may expect a second to none service. Each property and apartment has all the trimmings and except for final furnishings is turnkey with all modern features included and with truly spectecular finishings throughout.

Europeans show better than expected property interest

June 4, 2020By Edward Maas

As travel restrictions in Europe are being lifted

Hi Everyone, it's Ed

It's in the air...

Several european countries are lifting travel restrictions sooner than originally expected. Many of our visitors have been very eager to travel for viewings in France, Spain, Italy and other countries, but thusfar weren't able to.
As estate agents were not allowed to even visit their offices the last couple of months or to make mandate visits with home sellers, the latest lifting of restrictions now seems to drive a catch up for new listings from sellers. Typically spring time is an active period for viewings and that opportunity simply vanished.
The lovely weather we have had in Europe since March has kept spirits high and we want to go out and about.

House prices in France , Italy and Spain

It appears, for now at least, that the lockdown has hardly impacted asking prices. How this will translate into actual selling prices and the economic sentiment towards investment into the most popular holiday homes markets will surely become more apparent in coming months.

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Property Survey Result April 2020 | Costa del Sol

May 6, 2020By Edward Maas

April buyers mini survey

Hi Everyone, it's Ed

2 weeks ago we published a survey in our mailing with post Corona expectations from major property portals and other intermediaries.

At that time we included a mini survey in the Newsletter, one week later followed by the same mini survey on our website which ran for just 4 days last week. Just over 200 results came back, which is a little less than hoped for, but it probably shows a fair distribution of wider thinking and also a little less future concern one week after the first.

Due to the massive impact of the near global lockdown of public activity on the world economy we asked these 4 simple questions and the results are shown below:


Answers Newsletter Survey
(24 April)
Web survey
(30 April)
Drop slightly 25% 23%
Drop significant 44% 24%
No change 18% 10%
Increase Not asked 8%
I don't know 13% 35%

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Are property prices going to come down?

April 24, 2020By Edward Maas

Property industry expectations

Hi Everyone, it's Ed.

In recent weeks we have seen a series of economic expectations being updated from a sucession of surveys. In fact the outlook from the impact from the COVID-19 lockdowns has worsened gradually during April.
So, what is expected to happen to the property market in general and what are the (financial) effects for Buyers, Sellers and Intermediaries.

Probably a confirmation of what many would expect but still some interesting results.


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Let’s be positive and make it work

April 3, 2020By Edward Maas

This beautiful Australian garden Dahlia picture was sent to me today by a family member.

With spring around the corner in Europe and many of us in some form of lockdown and almost being forced to consume long days of the same black news, we prefer to stay positive and bring some color. Of course we ‘chapeau’ the medical profession being under high pressure circumstances trying to save lives around the globe.

To this end we’re going to substantially soften our advertising rates because we don’t know how the real estate economy will react to this Tsunami of events.


For Sellers we offer a top level facility at a very competitive price. The Moulin Ad is fully featured, not with the usual price driven limitations found on many other platforms. If you have a house to sell in one of our active regions, do give it a try at this very low price.
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How Covid-19 has hit the property market Worldwide

April 1, 2020By Edward Maas

The property market, like almost everything else, may not be the same when this is over. I hope you and your families are well during this time.

How we’re dealing with it

The analytics of our niche portal https://moulin.nl for March show a reduction of property requests by 30-40% and visitor totals are down by about 20%. The information requests that are coming in are mostly serious though and directed towards properties with an attractive opportunity due to location and/or price.

As we are facing an unexpected economic downturn, some businesses may not return after this is over. We will all need to chip in and be loyal to those affected most. Our business, being relatively small and lean,  is of course affected but we will stay afloat. But we hope for a rapid global resolve.

Of course France, Spain and Italy have been hit particularly hard as they were forced into near or total lockdown. But, there are also positive soundings. All of our partners are individually safe and still in good spirit. We have spoken with a number of them in France, Spain and Italy and feedback is similar.

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